We have been designing some lovely invitations for a formal wedding recently, with some incredible textured gold flower paper, some lace flowers and gold envelopes – they are looking spectacular and we look forward to sharing the finished product soon!

Inspired by this, a trend of late I’ve noticed in weddings is the vintage brooch “bunch of flowers” available on Etsy or seen on Pinterest. It’s a great idea, and could turn some special family treasures into your “something old” on your wedding day. Although – you couldn’t really throw it at the end of the night to a future bridey, could you?!

Source: junebugweddings.com via Jesses on Pinterest

Maybe a little more simply the brooch could be used on “regular” flowers for something special…


A friend used her grandma’s brooch in her hair – she had it designed to sit within a wider design, it looked spectacular. Just a general brooch in hair look, but how cute is this with the sparkley jacket?!